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Terms & Conditions

1. Payment Options

You can make an online purchase from Artyz with your Credit/Debit as we accept all major Indian and international Credit/Debits Cards. Our online shopping is secured so you can make your payment hassle-free. You will be charged the final amount with the cost for shipping mentioned in the final amount. No additional service costs will be incurred by you.

For any further assistance or queries regarding making a payment or NEFT mode of payment, kindly write to us at or you may reach us at +91 6282973725 between 10:00 AM to 6 PM.

2. Payment for International Orders

For all International orders, kindly allow 24-48 hours for the payment to process due to formalities involved in currency exchange. As soon the payment is remitted to our account, your order shall be processed and shipped to your country in the estimated time being communicated to you by email. Additionally it is also possible to make a purchase from an international location and have it shipped to a destination in India.

For any further assistance or queries regarding making an international payment, kindly write to us at  and we will respond to you within a maximum period of 24-48 hours of your query.

3. Billing and Invoices

Upon completion of purchase you will receive a digital invoice from us stating the details of your purchase such as bill number, product information and an acknowledgment of successful payment. You will receive a physical copy of the bill from us along with your package at the time of delivery. Please do not accept a delivery without a printed copy of the invoice at the time of delivery. You are also required to provide a signed copy of the invoice in the event of a return/exchange. Hence we request you to store the invoice either digital or printed as a proof of purchase.

For duplicate bills, invoice history and all other queries contact us at  or you may reach us at by phone any day between 10:00 AM to 6 PM.

4. Product Appearance

It is important to understand that a product’s exact appearance cannot be depicted in a photo as all product’s are subject to have slight differences in colour and appearance when compared to the illustration seen on the website. However The arty craft hub assures no alteration in design, print pattern, size or fabric from the description of the product at the time of purchase. All illustrations and photos on our website target portraying the closest possible likeness and accurate colour representation of the actual product.

If the product fails to meet your expectations or should have any other queries/feedback please write to us at  or you contact us by phone.

5. Pricing Policy

All prices mentioned are final and not negotiable. Discounts cannot be provided on a case by case basis. All discounts, deals and promotions will occur only at the aforementioned time of an end of season sale or festive deal run by The artycraft hub. All prices shown online are inclusive of VAT, where applicable. Prices are subject to change without notice and offers may be withdrawn at any time.

For any further queries regarding upcoming deals, promotions and to register for updates, kindly follow us on our social media asserts to get more information on new products .